What can we do with the obsolete inventions
that have nostalgic values to us?

Sometimes there are things that meant so much to us in the past being replaced by the latest technology nowadays. Some obsolete items carried precious memories and it is hard to let go of its sentimental value and dispose them. Anew is an experimental interactive project which aims to repurpose obsolete object into interactive timepiece by integrating digital technology.

A new time display system

Instead of using the common digital digits and analaog clock handle to visualise time, Anew aims to visualise time in a more unconventional and experimental approach. A new time display system is designed based on the original properties of photography film and inspired by binary system. Four images of the film are backlit with different division to visualise the digits of time. Dark segments represents "0" while the bright segments represents "1". First two images represent the value of hour and the others represent the value of minute. To read the time, simply count the mini light boxes being lit up.


Simply tap on the box icon to swap among the modes: Real time mode | Displaying real time using the time display system above. Slide show mode | Film will keep looping and all lights will be lit up to display the film.

Product design

Wood is used as a base material and combine with different materials. All the structures are self-designed and laser cut. Parametric kerf patterns are used to bend the side of the structure in order to form a cylindrical side panel which represents time capsule.
Wood | Clear Arcylic : Clear view of the gear in the structure and gives the product a touch of contemporary fininshing.
Wood | Embroidery : The combination of the hard wood and soft thread gives an interesting texture to the prduct surface.

Behind the scene