A collaboration with British Council

In collaboration with British Council to celebrate Wiliam Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary, we created Lifescape - an interactive art installation which is inspired by William Shakespeare’s “All The World’s A Stage”. It allows users to walk through different stages of life, encouraging them to look at life from a unique perspective.

Project concept

The idea behind the shadow box concept was adapted from another one of Shakespeare’s pieces - ‘Life’s Brief Candle’, where he mentions “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player. That struts and frets his hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more.” Similarly, we hope to portray the reality of life and death through a series of interactive shadow boxes so that our audience may be reminded of the fragility of life and evidently, the prominence of Shakespeare’s legacy. Instead of creating a full digital installation, we combined traditional media and new media to relate it back to the old era when paper was the main medium.

How it works

The installation contains a series of six shadow boxes, each representing a certain stage in life which begins from infancy. When the user hover over the sensor, the light will be slowly lit up and the paper movement in the box will be triggered. As users walk passed the six boxes, they will eventually be led to the last standing point where the user can see the back of every boxes. Each boxes displays a word and form the the last line in “All The World’s A Stage” – Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything. These lines portray the final scene in the speech which is death itself. The reason in placing them behind each box rather than a stage by itself is because we want to remind the users that death could be lurking behind any stage in life and it is our decision to appreciate the life we have now rather than taking it for granted.

Level Up

Project management

I was the leader of a team of four as well as the visual lead for this project. Other than project management and making sure the team was on track from time to time.

Art direction

In charged of the entire art direction and visual development from ideation, sketching, prototyping and laser cutting.

Hands On work

Being in a team that was mostly girls, It was a must to take up all the heavy duty job such as cutting pipes, cutting woods, soldering and more in order to complete the project.


It was my first time doing projects involving laser cut machine and I am very familiar with the machine operation after this project.

Technology Used

Arduino & Adobe Illustrator


Behind the scene