Tenby Schools

UI/UX Design

Tenby Schools is an educational groups in Malaysia to operate a dual-stream system that combines the local and international education. They offer curriculum from early years, primary, secondary to sixth form.



Accompanied with Tenby Schools’ refreshed brand identify design in 2019, they needed a revamp to their 6-year old website with poor usability and experience.


Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Evaluation is conducted to identify the areas of improvements using Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles. Below is the  summary of recurring usability and design issue of the existing website:

  • Imbalance ratio of text and images. Webpage is filled with text with very little infographic or imagery which leads to difficulty in understanding the context, lost of interest and eventually result in high drop off rate.
  • Lack of breathing space in design. Placements of elements are too close with each other causing user unable to read the content comfortably without feeling overwhelmed.







  • Increase the enquiry rate for admissions
  • Ensure designs and experience are mobile-friendly
  • Convert lengthy paragraphs into easy-to-read infographics
  • Improve overall site browsing experience with clear legibility and balance of text & images
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